Our quest to uncover them

Dr Gordon Wright

Wednesday, August 16 2017 at 7:30PM

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84 Parrock Road
DA12 1QF

Dr Gordon Wright

What's the talk about?

Gordon is a psychologist researching deception and other aspects of devious personality and behaviour. Although his mother doesn’t entirely approve, Gordon finds it a fascinating topic of general interest and of applied value to intelligence gathering, investigations and the criminal justice system.

As a long time Skeptic in the Pub regular, Gordon is keen to share some of the insights he has gleaned on the liars and cheats around us in everyday life, how this transfers to criminal investigations (and Facebook stalking), but also to touch upon some of the moral and ethical conundrums associated with deception, lie detection, manipulation and intelligence gathering. Well, that’s the plan, but knowing Gordon, it’ll go off topic pretty quickly...