David Whiteland

Wednesday, April 18 2018 at 7:30PM

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84 Parrock Road
DA12 1QF

David Whiteland

What's the talk about?

Open data is data that is explicitly made available for anyone to use, for free. It's not an especially new idea, but perhaps its time has come since the web made digital sharing so easy. But who benefits from free data? How does it help? Who cares, honestly, about plotting council boundaries? What does good data look like? Who is custodian of a nation's data? If taxpayers' money funds the collection of a dataset, can the government sell that data back to them? Can someone really talk enthusiastically about postcodes?

Until recently Dave Whiteland worked with civic tech charity mySociety (www.mysociety.org).  For seven years he worked on projects involving local government and even UK parliament, and travelled widely with mySociety's international team to help people all over the world who are working with, or fighting for, open data. He was part of the ongoing 'EveryPolitician' project aiming to provide open data on every politician in the world. In this informal, non-technical talk he'll explain some of the basics of this overlooked but important topic. He'll look at some of open data's success stories as well as its nasty tangles and despicable villains. You'll never look at your postcode in the same way again.