Noah Lugeons

Thursday, December 3 2020 at 7:00PM

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Noah Lugeons

What's the talk about?

Why did America do so badly? When the COVID-19 crisis reached America, the US had more resources and expertise at its disposal to confront the threat than any nation on the planet, and yet the American response was homicidally inefficient. Why? Noah Lugeons goes beyond bad leadership to discuss the root of the problem: Religion. When a crisis arose that required a scientific solution, religion’s response ranged from useless to detrimental. From churches ignoring state lockdowns to televangelists declaring the disease miraculously eradicated, to pastors suing their governors for enforcing public safety measures, religion was at the forefront of virtually every misguided step towards catastrophe the United States took.

Noah Lugeons is the author of Outbreak: A Crisis of Faith – How Religion Ruined Our Global Pandemic, in which he explores the themes of this talk in-depth. As the Podcast Award-winning host of The Scathing Atheist, Noah has spent almost a decade reporting on the most terrifying trends in American religiosity.

Find the talk at from 6:45pm.  There's no need to register or book.